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How to Love a Snob

What do snobs and limp handshakes have in common? The short answer is that they are two of my biggest pet peeves. In some cases they go hand in hand…no pun intended. And yes, since these are two of my biggest, it means I have more. Hey, I’m working on it.

Snobs have a superiority complex, perhaps driven by an underlying inferiority, and perhaps not. They have the ability to make the victims of their snobbery feel inadequate, rejected and just not good enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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Women Biz: Amber Foundation (Grants)

Do you have a business idea, but no cash to get started?

If this is you, you are not alone. The Amber Foundation recognizes this need among women and generously offers a grant for small home-based business, or internet start-ups.

Amber grants usually run between $500 and $1,000. It’s a small sum, but large enough to get a leg up. It may make the difference between starting a business and just dreaming about it.

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Going Green

It’s almost epidemic, the number of women who leave their husbands, husbands who cheat on their wives, and the pornography that destroys relationships. And the worst of it is that these are the people you would never expect it from.

That should make us all take pause because the truth is we are all susceptible to thinking that the grass is greener in someone else’s yard. But it’s a deception, a fallacy that sucks you into temptation and leaves you wanting something that isn’t yours. Read the rest of this entry »

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Book Review: Walking Into Walls

It’s been years since I’ve picked up a self-help book and I’m very judicious when I consider purchasing one. My chief complaint with turning to self-help books is that even if the content hits home, most of the instruction merely facilitates behavioral changes; Really, what more can they do? They point out your problem and offer steps to alter faulty behavior, but how long does behavioral modification last when it is warring against a resistant heart and a stubborn will? Real change only comes when our hearts are ready for it, when we’re ready to surrender our will so God can clean us up. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thank You!


Thank you Melody for nominating me for the Sunshine Award 🙂

Check out Melody’s site, Meanwhile Melody Muses, and enjoy her original poetry.

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