Book Review: Illusion

If you want to be entertained, intrigued and emotionally involved in someone else’s drama then you will want to pick up a copy of Frank Peretti’s latest novel, Illusion.

Illusion’s genre is difficult to pin down…thriller, mystery, a touch of sci-fi, and at the heart of it a love story that’s guaranteed to keep you turning pages.

After forty years of marriage to Mandy and a successful career entertaining fans with their magic, Dane Collins finds himself alone when a tragic car accident takes Mandy’s life.

Or did it?

As Dane attempts to cope with his loss and find a new normal, he crosses paths with a street magician who is a dead ringer for Mandy twenty years earlier. Convinced that it’s his grief putting his wife’s face and her personality on this young woman, Dane tries to avoid her, but circumstances and the inexplicable draw she feels toward Dane brings them back together.

Unseen, those who are behind Mandy’s unusual transformation are keeping watch from their lofty positions, manipulating and at times controlling the outcomes in the lives of their unsuspecting victims.

Other than a very brief slow spot near the beginning, I burned through the pages desperate to know who or what these villains were. Were they supernatural, or were they human beings endowed with mysterious powers? Was Mandy really alive? Or was it as the title suggests, an illusion?

I enjoyed the journey I took through Mr. Peretti’s colorful imagination to learn the answers to these questions and I have no doubt that you will too.


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