Barn Repair: Is it Good or Bad?

“If the barn needs painting, paint it.”

This well-worn metaphor referring to a woman’s physical appearance falls short. It doesn’t address the whole barn. What if the barn needs a little more work than a splash of fresh paint? What if the roof is sagging and the floor is warped and it’s going to take a sledgehammer and maybe a few nails to keep her looking prime?

And if we are going to look at the physical characteristics of the barn, what about the psychological? Paint on a barn is commonplace these days, and major barn renovation is becoming mainstream. But why does the barn feel the need to have a new roof? Sure it’s sagging and all, but it’s guaranteed to last the lifetime of the barn. So what is the driving force behind the barn’s desire to look better? What makes the barn want to look brand spanking new when we all know when it was really built?

A nip here and a tuck there, women are using cosmetic surgery to shave off a few years or improve a feature they dislike. Is it right or wrong, good or bad? Is it any different than using make-up or hair dye? I mean vanity is vanity is vanity. Right?

In the age of perfection we live in, I remember my grandmother and how beautiful she was. The aging skin and graying hair didn’t detract from her appearance. It made her grandma and grandma was beautiful. But that’s an outsider’s perspective. I remember her telling me that on the inside, she still felt like a young girl…until she passed in front of a mirror. My guess is that’s why most women choose to do a little barn repair.

What do you think? I really would like to hear your thoughts on this subject.


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  1. #1 by Teresa :) on October 5, 2012 - 3:44 pm

    A long time ago, there was an ad for face cream, that said, ‘Why grow old gracefully??? FIGHT IT every step of the way!” I thought it was hilarious then, and I still do.:) Since I know I WILL grow old, I sincerely DO want to do it gracefully. 🙂 For me, that means more than just the way I look. It encompasses my actions, attitudes, intelligence, life-style, etc. Things I’ve gained, like children, grandchildren, decent possessions, “expression lines”, wisdom….and things I’ve lost, like money 🙂 perky body parts, self-importance. I’m different, but hopefully better.
    I choose to do some “painting” because that is simply…my choice. Others may or may not find it important, for a variety of reasons. I’m comfortable with who I am, and who I’m becoming. I do like attractiveness when I see it in others, so I choose to do minor fix-ups on myself…to improve the view for me AND for the neighborhood. 🙂

    • #2 by juliemomyer on October 5, 2012 - 3:53 pm

      The neighborhood appreciates the effort! I know for me, it makes me feel better when I put in the effort to look my best. I’d rather wake up looking my best, but not in this lifetime 🙂

      Great comment, Teresa!

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