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Comfort those…

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For most parents-to-be, pregnancy and the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world is an exciting time, but for some expectant mothers the prospect of a viable birth  is not a reality.

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

     Helen Keller

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Teaching Kids to be Entrepreneurs

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I watched this video and thought it was a great lesson on entrepreneurship with some interesting insight on kids diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, etc.

Watch Cameron Herold. (about 19 minutes)

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Cinnamon-Chocolate-Toffee Gelato

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This is one of my favorite gelato/ice-cream desserts. And if you are using an electric no-salt ice-cream maker, it’s a cinch to make.

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A Mother’s Gift

blog mothers“Her children rise up and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28

I would like to say, Happy Mother’s Day to all who have been blessed to carry life in their wombs, to those who have loved and raised the fruit of another woman’s womb, and to those who have been the desperately needed mother figure in a person’s life.

Mothers often feel unimportant in the grand scheme of life, particularly those who don’t have a career outside of their families. Read the rest of this entry »

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Book Giveaway!

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Visit Dancing in His Light and find out how to win a free copy of Kiss Me Awake!

Contest ends May 7th!

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