Modern Day Psalms

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Today, I spent the day sorting through folders of writings and articles I’ve saved over the years, and I came across a manila folder with copies of two modern day “psalms,” written by my Sunday School class.

Several years ago I taught Sunday School to high school students. We eventually split the classes into boys and girls, or should I say, young men and young women, and during this time, I had each girl write their own verse, something they wanted to express to the Lord, to be part of a complete psalm. When they handed them in, I pieced them together.

These are their words and their hearts…

Psalm 1

O, Heavenly Father, I long to see Your face and hear Your voice. I cry out from the depths of my heart to You, O Lord.

I am desperately asking for Your guidance and yet You show me nothing. Reveal to me Your heart, for I long to know the true God I serve. Reveal to me Your heart, Your will, Yourself.

My heart sings with the song of Your love, My lips burst forth with the praise of Your name.

When I become prideful, You show me the truth; You are the Almighty One, I am but a servant.

Lord, forgive me for the judgement I have put on other people. O Lord, be my guide and help me to do good in Your eyes.

Lift up your hands and praise His name, for the Lord is good and never leaves you.

Psalm 2

The walls are falling in, all is chaos, but Your foundation doesn’t stir. I can stand firm while all collapses.

Give me forgiveness to forgive my friends for they have done wrong. Show me the way, show me Thy path. I am so lost and confused, I need Your guidance.

My heart longs for a selfish way, but I do not know if it is Your will, so help me God, I long to please You. I love you God, Your works are wonderful.

Whenever I am weak, You hold me up. When I fear, You give me peace. O Lord, thank You for keeping me safe, and for the touch of Your hand on me, protecting me for all time.



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