Welcome to Generation W! My name is Julie Momyer and initially I set out to develop an author blog to promote my first novel. But, then I thought, how boring is that? Why not use the site space in a way that would be fun, encouraging and benefit more than just my interests?

After much mental toil, chiseling and shaping, Generation W is what emerged. In simple terms it is a blog for women. Heavily dosed with sarcasm and compassion, Generation W is meant to connect, engage, entertain, and encourage.

For me, the question was, what about content? In this information saturated society what do today’s women really want and need? Hollywood made a movie about it, authors have outlined it in self-help books, and most men are still trying to figure it out.

The truth is, a woman’s core needs, her most intimate struggles haven’t changed since Eve and her man were booted out of Eden. I’m sure Eve would have liked to have had access to a more absorbent tampon, wished that her sons got along, and dreamt about something as potent as an epidural to take the edge off the pain promised her in childbirth. And at the deepest level, I have no doubt that just like every woman that came after, Eve’s greatest desire was to be loved for who she was.

We are women; bonded in a way that transcends culture, skin color, social status and the bogus disparity between parent and child known as the generation gap. If we talked to our mothers and grandmothers, read the diaries and love letters written by our great-grandmothers, our great-great grandmothers….and on down the line….instead of a chasm, we would see the kinship, the common thread that links us all as women.

Welcome to Generation W!




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