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Organic vs. Inorganic

“Is this organic milk any good?” the cashier asked as she slid the gallon over the scanner. It better be, I thought, since it costs almost 3 times the amount of inorganic milk. Milk that contains RBGH.*

For those who haven’t heard, RBGH is a synthetic hormone used in dairy cows to increase milk production. The additional milk these cows produce is a boon for the suppliers but a health hazard to consumers. And cancer is chief among those health concerns. In the 1980’s there was a battle that took place over the use of this hormone. Consumers won that initial skirmish, but in 1993, the FDA gave a thumbs-up to Monsanto, legalizing the use of Bovine Growth Hormone aka Bovine Somatotropin in cows.

The question of safety isn’t coming from whackos run amok.  Read the rest of this entry »

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