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Going Green

It’s almost epidemic, the number of women who leave their husbands, husbands who cheat on their wives, and the pornography that destroys relationships. And the worst of it is that these are the people you would never expect it from.

That should make us all take pause because the truth is we are all susceptible to thinking that the grass is greener in someone else’s yard. But it’s a deception, a fallacy that sucks you into temptation and leaves you wanting something that isn’t yours. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Price of Pretending

By Leah Nawrocki

I firmly believe that acting is a skill that is learned. A skill that develops as we continue to ignore the raw reality and stuff the pain that life dishes out.

I remember my first real acting job came between the ages of two and six years old when I experienced inappropriate sexual encounters through various neighbors and at least three family members, including my uncle.

Stage one of pretending: Don’t make a big deal out of something that happened so long ago. He probably doesn’t even remember what he did to me. I must be imagining the offense even though I can remember specific times and places.  Read the rest of this entry »

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More Than a Feeling

Not too long ago I was on the phone having a conversation with my son about love and other things when I made the declaration, “Love isn’t a feeling.”

“What?” he asked confused. “What do you mean it isn’t a feeling? If it isn’t a feeling then what is it?”

I wasn’t expecting that response from my own flesh and blood. Where did I go wrong, I wondered? Between teaching him to read, how to catch a ball, and the execution of proper hygiene, how did I miss imparting something so important? Read the rest of this entry »

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